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Equity 1 Equity Definitions
Equity 1 Equity Definitions

Equity 1 Equity Definitions

When used in the Equity Rules, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) "Customer" The term "customer" shall not include a broker or dealer.

(2) "Delegation Agreement" The term "Delegation Agreement" shall mean the Delegation Agreement dated __, 2008, between the Exchange and BX Equities LLC, as such Delegation Agreement may from time to time be amended with the approval of the Commission pursuant to Section 19 of the Act and the rules promulgated thereunder.

(3) "Equity Rules" The term "Equity Rules" means the rules, as adopted by the Exchange Board of Directors pursuant to the By-Laws of the Exchange, as hereafter amended or supplemented, and also includes the General Equity and Options Rules, Certificate of Incorporation and the By-Laws of the Exchange, the Operating Agreement of NASDAQ OMX BX Equities LLC, and the Delegation Agreement between the Exchange and NASDAQ OMX BX Equities LLC.

(4) "Grandfathered Rules" The term "Grandfathered Rules" means the Rules of Board of Governors of the Boston Stock Exchange as in effect on the date of the closing of the acquisition of the Exchange by Nasdaq, Inc. and as such rules may be subsequently amended, including the Grandfathered BOX Trading Rules, to the extent that such rules are applicable to BOX and to former BOX Options Participants and associated persons for activities that occurred during the time that BOX was a facility of the Exchange. The Grandfathered Rules shall also apply to activities of members, members organizations, persons associated with members, and other persons subject to the jurisdiction of the Exchange that occurred prior to the adoption of the Equity Rules.

(5) "Nasdaq BX Equities LLC" or "BX Equities LLC" The terms "Nasdaq BX Equities LLC" or "BX Equities LLC" means Nasdaq BX Equities LLC, a subsidiary of the Exchange which operates the Nasdaq BX Equities Market pursuant to the Operating Agreement of Nasdaq BX Equities LLC and the Delegation Agreement.

(6) "Nasdaq BX Equities Market" or "System" The terms "Nasdaq BX Equities Market" or "System" shall mean the automated system for order execution and trade reporting owned and operated by the Exchange through BX Equities LLC as a facility of the Exchange, and which is described fully in the Equity Rule 4750 Series.

(7) "Security" Unless the context requires otherwise, the term "security" shall mean a security listed on the Exchange or traded on the Exchange pursuant to unlisted trading privileges.

Adopted October 23, 2019 (SR-BX-2019-039).

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